Please read these important instructions carefully before proceeding:

Online spaces will be available after office hours ONLY: 4:00p.m.- 11:59p.m. everyday.

*Regular spaces ONLY.




A valid “SELLER’S PERMIT” is required to purchase a space online.

Please DO NOT purchase space(s) from this site if you do not have a valid “SELLER’S PERMIT”.
Seller(s) will not be allowed to sell without a valid “SELLER’S PERMIT” and there will be NO REFUND.
Click HERE to learn more about acquiring a Seller’s Permit.

All food vendors must have a valid “HEALTH PERMIT”

Notice: The sale of food that can be consumed on property is not allowed. All produce vendors and vendors selling other consumables must have permits from the Health Department and approval from management before selling.

We do have a competition rule in the park.

You cannot sell within 3 spaces of a lease holder who sells the same time of merchandise you have. On the sales platform, the lease holders are represented by all of the Blue Boxes (Reserved). If you mouse over the space, you can see the vendor name and merchandise.


1. If you bought a space in advance, please arrive between 6:00a.m. – 7:15a.m.  If you arrive after 7:30a.m. you will be charged a $10.00 late fee.

2. Spaces will be held until 7:30a.m. ONLY. After 7:30am management reserves the right to resell the spaces without a refund or raincheck to purchaser.

3. All your merchandise must come in with you in one (1) vehicle. If you come in with two  (2) vehicles, you will be charged for two spaces. The vehicle must be parked in your space, not in the parking lot.

4. Please be as quiet as possible when setting up your space. Do not drop poles on the ground or play loud music. Please respect our neighbors–we are located in a residential neighborhood, not a business park.

5. When you set up your space, make sure all your merchandise fits within the white and yellow lines. If it does not fit, buy another space or put some merchandise back in your vehicle.


7. Please go to the Business Office to register for your Roadium I.D. The fee will be $10.00, CASH ONLY.


For all vendors, please bring in proof of purchase: Printed receipt, screenshot of receipt, Roadium I.D. or Goverment issued I.D. matching receipt name.

All currently registered vendors can call the office at (310) 532-5678 for their Username & Password. 

NO socks,  Louis Vuitton, Coach, Oakley and Mac merchandise. If you would like to sell women’s clothing, you MUST reserve at the Roadium business office, not online!

Roadium Open Air Market has zero tolerance for counterfeit merchandise being sold. 

Please reach out to us at (310) 532-5678 or with any other questions!