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Welcome to the Roadium

Roadium Stats

Оver 450 Sellers per day
From all over the world
5,000 a day
35,000 per week
140,000 per month
1.68 million per year
outdoor market

What started as a drive-in theater over half a century ago has become a local landmark for shoppers and budding entrepreneurs from around the world. Our recently remodeled 15-acre site offers visitors a unique shopping experience under sunny Southern California skies.

Our shoppers sell everything from rare antiques & collectibles to dramatically discounted new merchandise. The Roadium is the South Bay’s favorite place to treasure hunt, find bargains, and make memories with family and friends.

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Proudly Serving the Community for Over 60 Years

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Meet The Team

Luis T.

General Manager | I come from Colombia, where I was raised with values of hard work, dedication, and respect. With over a decade of experience in project management, business negotiation, leasing, logistics, and customer service, I bring a diverse background to my role as a General Manager. Continuing The Roadium Legacy is an honor, made possible by the unwavering support and effort of my dedicated team. Their commitment to working closely with our vendors is key to our success. Together, we strive for continuous improvement and high-standard customer service for our shoppers and vendors. In addition to better our quality of service and grounds- I am actively working the City serving as a Board Member of Directors for the Torrance Chamber of Commerce and the Torrance Police Foundation. Please allow me to welcome you to The Roadium, where every vendor’s dedication and teamwork turns dreams into lasting legacies.

Maria G.

Financial Controller & Human Resource Manager | I come from the transportation and non-profit side of business. With over 40 years in the accounting and human resource field, I “enjoy” the challenge of finances and people. Having been at the Roadium for almost 8 years, I have come to know that the swap meet business is composed of some of the hardest working people I have ever seen. Our vendors are the backbone of the Roadium, and being able to partner with the management team we have has been a true blessing. And a roller coaster! But like any family, we make it work, and I am proud to be a part of this dedicated group.

Graciela R.

Operations & Leasing Manager | Hi, I’m the Operations Manager. I’ve been with the company for 20+ years and seen many changes throughout that time. As a loyal and hard working employee, in addition to being the Leasing Manager I oversee the Operational Activities for the company and strive to always provide exceptional customer service to all our customers and vendors. I am strong believer in Teamwork and enjoy working with the Roadium Family and management team.

Oscar R.

Risk Management & Security | I have been with The Roadium for over 5 years and currently serve as the Drive-In Manager. I also work with multiple departments which gives me the opportunity to add to my experience and skills. Prior to working at The Roadium, I have gained an extensive background in risk management and food management. Today, I am dedicated to my work and my colleagues, I am always here to make sure The Roadium is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone who comes through the gates.

Jon T.

Payroll Administrator & Vendor Liaison | I have worked for The Roadium since 1979! I started here as a weekend sweeper in high school. Since then, I have worked in a variety of positions before landing in my current role of Payroll and Vendor Liaison. The Roadium is a place that gives everyone the chance to have their own business and I really enjoy being able to walk around and talk with our long-time vendors as well as meet new ones.

Liliana D.

Clean Up Manager | I have been a part of The Roadium family for eight years, starting as an entry level custodian and moving my way up to Custodian Manager. I learned that what is most important is the relationship you have with your employees. At The Roadium, every employee is treated with respect and integrity. I have learned that if we work together as one, we can achieve a better future.

Ruth S.

Inside Grounds & Maintenance Manager | I left the corporate transportation industry to enjoy the fresh air and new challenges at The Roadium as the Inside Grounds and Maintenance Manager. I have a passion for working with people and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. My dedication to keeping spaces well-maintained and ensuring a pleasant environment for all who visit The Roadium, and work here, is my top priority.

Sandro D.

Field & Safety Manager | I serve as the Field and Safety Manager for The Roadium, with 29 years of experience as a manager. With a background in warehousing, logistics, transportation, and management, I am a hands-on manager who thrives under pressure. I love working with my team, they have become a family to me. Remember when you see me “I don’t take tips I take smiles!”

Luz G.

Reservation Office | As a Roadium employee of over 10 years, I bring dedication and a strong work ethic to my role as Reservation Office & Cashier Manager. I am always willing to learn and improve for the success of the company!